Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Preseason Top 25 for the Rose Bowl

Just about every preseason top 25 has been released, and everyone is picking the USC Trojans. It is a no brainer. Heisman trophy winner Mat Leinart returns, as well as, a plethora of offensive talent. If the Trojans are to be denied a third straight national title, it will not be because of lack of talent. Spring preseason polls are just a crapshoot, schedule and personnel changes occur over the summer, therefore effecting a teams strength for the fall. Here are the top twenty-five teams that have the best shot at the national title. This is not based on how good a team is or how a team will finish, but based on their overall shot at the Rose Bowl based on a combination of talent, scheduling, and intagibles.
1. Southern California
2. LSU
3. Oklahoma
4. Tennessee
5. Virginia Tech
6. Texas A&M
7. Ohio State
8. Michigan
9. Alabama
10. Miami
11. Iowa
12. Texas
13. Purdue
14. Georgia
15. California
16. Florida State
17. Texas Tech
18. Florida
19. Louisville
20. Penn State
21. N.C. State
22. Auburn
23. Fresno State
24. Virginia
25. Boise State


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you, sir, are an idiot. either that or a sheepshagging aggie. how else can you explain texas aTm as having a better shot than Texas at the Rose Bowl? When was the last time aTm beat UT? 5 years ago. and with TWO Division I-AA teams on their schedule, they have ZERO chance, even if they run the table, of getting into the national title game. remove head from ass and open your eyes. jesus christ

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should READ instead of just being a typical longhorn idiot. BTW, SOS isn't calculated anymore and the BCS formula is radically changed. Playing D1-AA doesn't matter much anymore, but getting beat by OSU, OU and A&M will end your hopes pretty damn quickly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

SOS may not be a CALCULATED factor anymore, but you can be damn sure that the AP and Coaches poll voters account for it. Remember Auburn last year? They played Louisiana-Monroe to kick off the season and then The Citadel. Didnt help their cause in moving up the rankings, did it?

Besides, you ignored the fact that aTm hasnt beaten UT in 5 years, and this year's UT is stronger than any of those past 5 years' teams. and what about Texas Tech? the aggies always struggle against them. and then there was Baylor last year. oh and Tennessee....yeah i can easily see how you would think that aTm is so VASTLY improved from their train wreck of a 2004 season. ha. im going to bookmark this blog and come back at the end of the season when the aggies, as always, are unranked and you can eat your words.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A&M will beat the t-sips this year.

t.u. will lose to OSU, OU, TT & A&M.

Vince Young couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, and isn't smart enough to run a real offense.

Defense is porous with the loss of DJ and Mike Williams.

And who will replace the resident pothead running back?


Blogger mdg said...

I respect your comments. Texas is a better overall team than A&M, but by the time Thanksgiving rolls around the Longhorns will probably have two losses, and the Aggies one. That is why A&M has a better shot. Face it, Slocum's aggie teams sucked his last five years, and Franchione is in his third year and A&M hosts Texas. If Texas did not have to go to Ohio State or A&M and have a mental block against Oklahoma, I would easily pick them as a top three team to reach the Rose Bowl.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of these arguments are meaningless. The only UT worth anything are the VOLS BABY. Taken down the big monster of USC in the Rose. Just like OSU v Miami 03 and Bama v Miami 92.



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