Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bowl Predictions


Nebraska 8-4 vs Virginia 8-3

This is the last year the Big 12 will play in this bowl, as the Big 10 will replace their spot next year. However, the Champs Sports Bowl should get their best matchup to date. I predict two 8-3 top 25 caliber teams to play in Orlando. UVA will finally escape horrid destinations of Charlotte and Boise, and the Cornhuskers will start a new bowl streak. This bowl is finally showing some signs of life. Originally the Sunshine Classic in 1990, although it never was played under that title, was the only bowl game played in Miami's Joe Robbie Stadium, prior to the BCS's moving of the Orange Bowl in 1998. It became the Blockbuster Bowl, then the Carquest, Micron PC, and finally it moved to Orlando and took the name of the old school Tangerine Bowl. Now with a new sponsor and two committed conferences(always felt the Big 12 was an odd fit), it can finally become an upper tier bowl.


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