Thursday, July 28, 2005

BlogPoll IV: Rivals

My answers for BlogPoll Roundtable IV.

1. Who's Fresno State's rival? Pacific was back in the day. Days of Carlos Brown(now Fresno Mayor and former actor Alan Autry aka "Bubba") and Tom Flores are long gone for the Tigers. UOP dropped football in 1995, and last played FS in '92. San Diego State was big in the '70's, and again in the 90's when FS joined the WAC. This rivalry has tried to be renewed, but only one game of multi-game contract has been played and that was in 2002. San Jose State is the only consistent rival the Bulldogs have played every year(except 92, 93, and 95)since becoming a DI-A member in the late 60's. Unfortunately, the Spartans have not been much of a rival since 1990 when they last won. The 'Dogs and Spartans had some great games in the '80s including Sports Illustrated's Game of the Year back in 1986. Hawaii is the team Fresno loves to hate, and the Islanders have no love lost for Fresno. In 1985 the # 16 ranked Bulldogs finished 11-0-1, the tie was to Hawaii. Since 1992 when FS joined the WAC, FS has only won once on the Island back in '94 and the Warriors have only won once in Fresno and that was in '02. Boise State has been the most anticipated game every year since the Broncos beat David Carr and the #8 Bulldogs in 2001. But I can't call this series a rivalry until FS beats Broncos. Hopefully that changes this year.

2. How should the 'Dogs fare? The Bulldogs should blow away San Jose State and Dick Tomey's defense. Against Hawaii, however, I predict a heartbreaking loss. Pat Hill has never won on the Island and in 1997, 1999, 2001 he walked in to Honolulu with a better team and left a loser. This year Fresno is loaded and Hawaii is rebuilding, but in a big upset I see FS falling just short of their first win on the Island in the Pat Hill era. As for Boise State becoming a rivalry it just might have to wait another year.

3. Who should be the 'Dogs rival? California. The Bears are the best University of California and Fresno is the best California State University. Jeff Tedford is a former Fresno State quarterback and was Pat Hill's OC in 1997. The schools are just a mere three hours apart by bus, but have only played twice in 1995 at Cal and 2000 in Fresno. Fresno State won both.

4. The Best Rivalry? I like USC-Notre Dame. It is the best because it is a cross country rivalry which is not seen much anymore. I loved the Alabama-Penn State games back in the day, but even with the added 12th game, I doubt there will be any other great cross country rivalries. Regional rivalries have gotten bigger with national TV, but few bridge East vs West, or North vs South.

5. Best and Worst Trophies? I think Minnesota gets the best and worst awards. Gotta love the Paul Bunyon Axe, but the Little Brown Jug...........


Anonymous Scott said...

You can't be hatin' on the Little Brown Jug. It's the oldest D-1A trophy. It's not some artificially symbolic creation forced into an existing football rivalry. It's Michigan's property. The Michigan football team bought it and were forced to abandon it in Minneapolis when the Minnesota fans swarmed the field at the end of a tie.

A couple of years later, Minnesota calls up Michigan and says "We've got your Little Brown Jug, come up and win it." (I think they probably would have added bee-yatch! had it been in fashion at the time). Thus, a rivalry and a trophy were born.

Better write up here .


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