Monday, August 29, 2005

CFB's Best Specialists

The country's best kickers, punters and return specialists.

1. Mason Crosby, Colorado
2. Conner Hughes, Virginia
3. Andrew Wellock, Eastern Michigan
4. Todd Pegram, Texas A&M
5. Justin Medlock, UCLA

1. Daniel Sepulveda, Baylor
2. Tom Malone, USC
3. Ryan Plackemeier, Wake Forest
4. Brandon Fields, Michigan State
5. Kyle Stringer, Boise State

Return Men
1. Ted Ginn, Jr., Ohio State
2. Devin Hester, Miami
3. Reggie Bush, USC
4. Ashlan Davis, Tulsa
5. Will Blackmon, Virginia Tech
6. Skyler Green, LSU
7. Ryne Robinson, Miami (Ohio)
8. Steve Breaston, Michigan
9. Michaell Bumpus, Washington State
10. Kevin Robinson, Utah State


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