Monday, August 29, 2005

Georgia Tech 8-3 vs UTEP 10-2
The Liberty Bowl still has not finalized an opponent to face Conference USA's champion. The Mountain West still may send its champion, but at this time it looks to be at large selection. Last year the Liberty Bowl had a great match up with 10-1 Louisville beating 11-0 Boise State. Liberty officials might be able to pull off the same type of match up. UTEP is more than capable of finishing the season unbeaten. The Miners schedule is not as tough as in year's past. If Boise State or Fresno State from the WAC finish with one loss, or maybe a one loss Bowling Green team could sneak in and give the Liberty Bowl another high profile non-BCS game. With the ACC having so many good teams and very few bowl spots, it is hard to believe Liberty officials will pass up a ranked ACC team.


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