Thursday, November 03, 2005


I hate jury duty. From 8:30 this morning until 4:30 this afternoon, I just sat and waited. To make matters even worse, I still have to go back tomorrow.

How does this relate to college football? I missed my first kickoff of a Thursday night game, and it just happened to be one of the wackiest, ever. How does the receiving team (Pitt) fumble a kickoff and have the kicking team (Louisville) recover it in the endzone for a touchdown.

Then the player responsible for the fumble, takes the next kickoff back for a touchdown. The idiot happens to "swan dive" into the endzone and cost Pitt a 15 yard penalty.

I walk into my house turn on ESPN HD with 11:00 plus minutes to play in the first quarter and Louisville is up 14-7. Now, with 2:20 left, the Cards try the fake field goal and fail. That was after Louisville went for it on 4th down and 7.

I wonder of Wannestedt is a fan of Petrino's play calling. Crazy start to what should be a crazy game.

Pitt just made another special teams muff, safety, 16-7, Cards.


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