Sunday, October 30, 2005

Week 10 Blogpoll Top 25 Ballot

  1. Southern Cal- (1)
  2. Virginia Tech- (2)
  3. Texas- (3)
  4. Alabama- (5)
  5. Louisiana State- (6)
  6. Notre Dame- (7)
  7. Ohio State- (8)
  8. Penn State- (9)
  9. Miami- (10)
  10. Georgia- (4)
  11. Florida State- (11)
  12. UCLA- (13)
  13. Oregon- (14)
  14. Auburn- (15)
  15. Florida- (21)
  16. Michigan- (24)
  17. Wisconsin- (20)
  18. Fresno State- (17)
  19. West Virginia- (19)
  20. Boston College- (12)
  21. Colorado- (22)
  22. Northwestern- (16)
  23. Texas Tech- (23)
  24. TCU- (24)
  25. Georgia Tech- (nr)

out- Tennessee(18)

just missed- Louisville, Cal, Michigan State, Rutgers

on the radar- Colorado State, Oklahoma, Boise State

last weeks top 25 ballot

last weeks Blogpoll

Games I Watched: Boston College-Virginia Tech(all), Colo State- New Mexico(1st half), North Carolina-Miami(2/3), Georgia-Florida(3/4), Fresno State-Hawaii(all), UCLA-Stanford(on 2nd TV) small parts of: Wisc-Illi, Texas Tech-Baylor,USC-WSU, Wash-Ariz St, UM-NW, Texas-OK ST, Tenn-SC


  • USC is clicking, is anyone going to be the Trojans.
  • Virginia Tech is extremely good on defense and special teams, its scary. The Hokies will not get any respect nationally until they beat Miami on Saturday.
  • Texas' win at Oklahoma State was not pretty, but the Horns did dominant the Pokes in the second half, 35-0.
  • Alabama should win at least nine games, which I predicted, but need to win out to secure a spot in Atlanta.
  • LSU is quietly humming along, a win at Bama will all but secure a spot in Atlanta.
  • Ohio State needs Wisconsin or Michigan State to beat Penn State if the Buckeyes want a shot at the Big 10 title.
  • Penn State is on pace to claim its first outright Big Ten title since 1994.
  • Georgia almost pulled out the win with Joe Tereshinski at qb, but without Shockley, UGA might lose one or two more this season.
  • Florida State needed some late game heroics to get by the Terps.
  • UCLA is going to lose before USC, at Arizona will not be a cake walk. The Cats beat Oregon State in Corvallis, and don't be surprised if they push the Bruins like Stanford.
  • Oregon is hanging around, but if Dixon can not get the job done, the Ducks will drop.
  • Auburn is still in good position to play in Atlanta.
  • Florida has all of sudden gotten back into the SEC title race.
  • Michigan can win a piece of the Big Ten title if they win out and Penn State loses one more.
  • Wisconsin-Penn State winner will be in the driver seat to the BCS.
  • Fresno State's offense, despite over 400 yards output, is not taking advantage of the defense's spectacular play. Hawaii punted only once, and enter FS territory on every drive but came away with only 13 points.
  • Boston College just got embarrassed by the Hokies.
  • Colorado is all but a lock to face Texas again for the Big 12 title.
  • Northwestern was just not quite ready to step up.
  • Texas Tech looked impressive against Baylor, but need to finish 10-1 to considered a top 15 team again.
  • TCU survived a scare in San Diego, and the win sets up a MWC showdown for first place with Colorado State this Saturday.


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