Friday, December 23, 2005

Surviving the Early Bowl Season

The Las Vegas has been the best bowl thus far.

This has to be one of the weakest slates of bowls ever. The bowls have always been watered down since the move to 28 games, but this year even the lesser bowls can't provide a decent game.

I have been unable to sit through at least one entire half of any of the four games played so far. The most I have seen of any particular one was the Poinsettia Bowl, and that was only because it was on late and there was nothing else to watch. It proved to be decent viewing only because Colorado State didn't prepare for the Navy option. The Middies' offense is fun to watch when a defense can't stop it.

Tonight the lame viewing continues with the Fort Worth Bowl: Houston vs Kansas. Tomorrow it does not get much better with Central Florida vs Nevada from Hawaii. The six bowls before Christmas are the worst early games in a long time. Usually the GMAC bowl is a fun one to watch, but not this year, Toledo beat the crap out of UTEP. Arkansas State gave S. Miss some fits in a otherwise yawner of a New Orleans Bowl. BYU vs Cal in the Las Vegas Bowl had its moments but overall Cal dominated the game.

The Bowl Season doesn't really get interesting until Wednesday, December 28. Boise State hosts Boston College in the MPC Computers Bowl in a great matinee and Michigan plays Nebraska that evening in the Alamo Bowl. Until then enjoy the time with your family.


Anonymous William said...

I totally agree with your assessment of this years
matchups. Weak at best. Only one game really
matters this year, the Rose. There are a few good
games, but none before Jan. 1st.
The original intent of bowls was to pit conference
champions against one another and a few at
large schools. Now, all a school has to do is
barely win, and they get a bowl bid.
Playoff anyone? All other sports and the other
divisions in football do it.


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