Monday, December 05, 2005

The Way It Should Be

The final BCS standings were released and No. 5 10-1 Oregon is out, but No. 22 8-4 Florida State is in just because it won the ACC conference championship. Huh? Last year Pitt was the lame duck, this year it's the mighty Seminoles. This year worked out perfectly for the BCS, the two top teams are the only unbeatens, but are they the two best teams in the nation? Probably, but it would still be fun to see some sort of a playoff because it does not always work out perfectly for the BCS every year. According to my previous post on the BCS solution, this is how I think the college football post season should have panned out using the final BCS standings and conference champions that have a championship game.

The BCS Playoff

Rose Bowl- Southern Cal 12-0 vs Penn State 10-1

Fiesta Bowl- Oregon 10-1 vs Ohio State 9-2

Sugar Bowl- Georgia 10-2 vs Notre Dame 9-2

Orange Bowl- Texas 12-0 vs Miami 9-2

*winners are re-seeded according to their BCS ranking and the higher seeds host a national semi-final.

The Remaining Bowl Games(*participants must have at least 7 wins/except a conference champ)

Cotton Bowl- Texas Tech 9-2 vs Alabama 9-2
Capital One Bowl- LSU 10-2 vs West Virginia 10-1
Holiday Bowl- UCLA 9-2 vs Iowa 7-4
Gator Bowl- Florida State 8-4 vs Auburn 9-2
Outback Bowl- Wisconsin 9-3 vs Florida 8-3
Peach Bowl- South Carolina 7-4 vs Virginia Tech 9-2
Alamo Bowl- Michigan 7-4 vs Oklahoma 7-4
Sun Bowl- TCU 10-1 vs Nebraska 7-4
Liberty Bowl- Tulsa 8-4 vs Boston College 8-3
Insight Bowl- Colorado 7-5 vs Minnesota 7-4
Champs Sports Bowl- Louisville 9-2 vs Clemson 7-4
Music City- Georgia Tech 7-4 vs Iowa State 7-4
Independence- Arkansas State 6-5* vs Louisiana Tech 7-4
Las Vegas- Boise State 9-3 vs Rutgers 7-4
Motor City- Akron 7-5 vs Northwestern 7-4
Hawaii- Navy 7-4 vs California 7-4


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