Friday, July 29, 2005

Bowl Predictions



Boston College 7-4 vs Boise State 9-3

The MPC Bowl had it's best match up in it's short history last year. With the ACC renewing its contract with the bowl, it seems the city of Boise will be getting more high quality teams. It remains to be seen which place team the MPC Bowl will get. It could stay as high as the sixth place selection or dip as low as the eighth place. Regardless, the expanded ACC is one of the best conferences in America and facing a top WAC team(Fresno State or Boise State) every year sets up a great contest. This year I predict the hometown boys will stay home after bowling away from Boise the last two years. The ACC pick depends on the Liberty Bowl, I expect the Liberty to take an ACC team. Therefore, Boston College or Georgia Tech will be in Boise. GT played here two years ago and have senority, sorry BC. Not that the MPC Bowl is a terrible destination, but teams as good as Boston College and Georgia Tech deserve better.


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