Friday, August 12, 2005

Bulldog Practice Update

Fresno State to Grayshirt Quarterback

Paul Pinegar did it, Tom Brandstater did it, Jeff Grady did it, David Carr would have done it if he was not needed as a true frosh, and now Ryan Colburn will do it. Grayshirting has become a common trend for Bulldog quarterbacks. Grayshirting allows an incoming freshmen to enroll as a part time student his first year, and not have it go against his five year clock of eligibility. Although, he will not be allowed to practice with the team or have a place on the roster. Grayshirting gives incoming freshmen a chance to assimilate into college life and absorb the new playbook. The downside, a redshirt freshmen that grayshirted would be a third year player by time he plays his first down, making him eligible for the NFL draft after his freshmen year.

Miller Still Waiting, Former All-Prep Dubois not eligible

JC walk on and former Kansas State recruit, Miller, is still waiting for transcripts from Orange Coast JC to reach Fresno State. He has to sit and wait until they arrive before he can practice with the team. Robbie Dubois, the former Mission Viejo star, did not make the grades and is off the team. How ironic considering Dubois had to sit out 2002 as a Prop. 48. How hard can it be to stay eligible to play football, especially when you have been given the extra chance after not making the grades in high school. The all star high school tailback was switched to fullback last year, and made a good transition. Dubois had good speed to go along with great hands, which he showed during spring when starting fullback Roshon Vercher sat out. In a loaded backfield, Dubois did not look to receive to many carries. It is unknown if he will transfer. His best bet is to transfer to a IAA school or lower division, allowing him to play immediately. Former Fresno State tailback Derrick Ward faced a similar road in 2002-03, he transferred to NAIA Ottawa and played his way into a 7th round NFL draft pick.


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