Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sports Illustrated Curse, 'Dogs #19

Sports Illustrated College Football Pre Season Top 25 always makes some far out predictions. Oregon State as number one in 2001. Fresno State fans remember the overrated Beavers getting pounded 44-24 by the 'Dogs. I am surprised SI named USC #1 and did not name Florida and Urban Meyer #1, but they did put the Gators at #3. Boise State at #16? Colorado at #24? And Wyoming at #25? Boise State ahead of Auburn and Fresno State ranked higher than Purdue. I have respect for the WAC and I am a WAC fan, but SI must really love the WAC, as I would not rank Fresno State and Boise State that high.


Anonymous Julian said...

There's a Sports Illustrated Curse!!! I only heard about the Madden Curse. I hope its not true because I love REggie Bush & the Trojans and even if I didn't I certainly wouldn't wish injury or failure upon anyone. Ray Lewis avoided last years madden curse. Perhaps Reggie can do the same. U'll have to explain the past victims of the curse for me to understand. Can u go through the last 5 victims or so?

Blogger mdg said...

The list of season-ending injuries, fatal car crashes, family tragedies, divorces, batting slumps, chokes, losing streaks and shocking upsets suffered by individuals and teams since August 1954 is too long and scary to recount.

Anonymous toadlife said...

The SI curse is a myth. It's actually been studied on at least one occasion. Sorry I have no link for it, but you can probably find it yourself via Google.

Sports Illustrated has put out thousands of covers and articles on thousands of teams and players over the past fifty years. Since SI covers so many things, it's innevitable that from time to time some person/team featured on SI will falter/fail/etc shortly after being featured in SI. People, by nature, like to think up reasons for the bad things that happen in life.


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