Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina's Effect on College Football

Katrina might be the worst natural disaster ever in the history of the United States. Hurricanes have rescheduled college football games in the past, but Katrina has put 80% of New Orleans under water, and has destroyed the gulf coast of Mississippi.

Besides not hosting North Texas, LSU might have to travel to Tempe, Arizona for it's home opener. Tulane University has shut down, and moved football operations to Dallas. The Green Wave's game against Southern Mississippi has also been postponed, and the Eagles have moved football operations, too. Utah State's game against Nicholls State(La) has been cancelled. With the state of Alabama effected, as well, gasoline prices to reach over four dollars per gallon, should college football games in the South be played this weekend?

For more up to date info involving Katrina and college football, please visit the College Football Resource.


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