Thursday, September 08, 2005

Reece, Mark, and Desmond.....

Looks like Mr. Heisman will take over for Mr. Husker for the remainder of the college football season...........I was not much of an Alberts fan, but his firing was a surprise.....I just hope Howard is not the second coming of Eric Dickerson.........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trev was better than Mark May. That man is too dumb to be breathing.

Blogger I'm a Realist said...

I was always a fan of Trev. He was brash and openly criticized his alma mater. That is something Mark May, who still has a disdain for Georgia because UGA won the national title in 1980, has not done.

Blogger mdg said...

I'm just on Trev for not admitting he was wrong on his MPC Bowl prediction...he did not think a non-BCS school like Fresno State could shove the ball down the great Virginia defense of the powerful BCS conference ACC


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