Saturday, September 03, 2005

Biggest Upset of the Decade?

Is TCU that good or is Oklahoma this year's Kansas State?

TCU dominated the Sooners on both sides of the line, winning 17-10. It helped that niether Rhett Bomar or Paul Thompson could not hit the side of a barn. Adrain Peterson looked normal. TCU was able to pass and run when needed, and deserved the huge win.

As a BlogPoller, I am puzzled. I think TCU deserves a top 25 ranking, but do I drop Oklahoma out of the top 25. TCU all but looked like the top ten team, but Oklahoma did not even come close to looking like a Bob Stoops coached team. Any suggestions?

TCU #20, Oklahoma #23?


Blogger matt said...

put tcu in the lower reaches of the top 25 and do the same for OU, if OU proves to be a top 10 team at the end of the yr, then leapfrog tcu over them


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