Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday Night Football

Utah and Air Force are tied up at 14, but the Falcons look unstoppable on the ground. The Mountain West looks to be filled with a bunch of good teams, one doormat(UNLV), and no clear favorite. Utah is a shade of its former self, while Air Force could be a MWC front runner even with the loss last week to Wyoming. The Falcons must win at Utah to avoid an 1-2 start in conference play.

Speaking of Utah the spread is just not the same. Andy Ludwig is a cancer to successful offenses. He did it to Oregon and he will do it to Utah. Next year will be fun, spread qb Brian Johnson will have to battle traditional drop back passer Tommy Grady. Ludwig will favor an offense that will suit Grady, and that will be the end of the spread at Utah. Ludwig sucks, drop him Utah, drop him fast.


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Truer words have never been spoken


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