Monday, September 19, 2005

Blogpoll Top 25 and Week 3 Recap

  1. Southern California (1)
  2. Virginia Tech (2)
  3. Louisiana State (3)
  4. Texas (4)
  5. Florida (10)
  6. Ohio State (6)
  7. Florida State(8)
  8. Georgia (7)
  9. Alabama (11)
  10. Michigan State (19)
  11. Tennessee (5)
  12. Notre Dame (9)
  13. Miami (15)
  14. Michigan (16)
  15. Georgia Tech (13)
  16. Arizona State (17)
  17. Louisville (24)
  18. Purdue (14)
  19. North Carolina State (18)
  20. Texas A&M (22)
  21. Clemson (23)
  22. California (20)
  23. Boston College (12)
  24. UCLA (nr)
  25. Texas Tech (21)

out- Fresno State (25)

just missed- Penn State, Minnesota, Iowa State, Vanderbilt

on the radar- Toledo, New Mexico, Oregon

last weeks top 25 ballot

last weeks Blogpoll


  • USC enough said.
  • Virginia Tech, LSU, and Texas no reason to drop.
  • Florida outplayed Tennessee, but it wasn't impressive.
  • Ohio State was suffering a post Vince Young hangover.
  • Florida State needs to improve, but winning at Boston College is big.
  • Georgia has looked average ever since beating Boise State.
  • Alabama looks real good, Florida comes to town Oct. 1.
  • Michigan State has a good shot to win the Big 10. State needs to step up the defense.
  • Tennessee remains at #11 on talent alone.
  • Notre Dame is still a top 12 team in the country. The defense got shredded, but the Irish might be the only team to have a chance at USC.
  • Miami won a close game at Clemson, but the Canes are still not top ten worthy.
  • Michigan rolled over E. Michigan, but must beat State on Oct. 1 to get back among the elite.
  • Arizona State hosts USC on what looks like a big college football day, Oct. 1. The Sun Devils offense is putting up ungawdly numbers.
  • Louisville whipped Oregon State. If Oregon State plays Arizona State tough this weekend, it will only make the Cards look better.
  • Purdue struggled against Arizona. The Boilermakers must shut down Minnesota this weekend to move up.
  • NC State is off the radar for the moment.
  • Texas A&M pasted SMU. The Aggies won't be challanged until Nov.
  • Clemson might lose four games this year, but still be a top 15 team.
  • California is being decimated by injuries. Illinois might be better than first thought. The UCLA games looms large in the coming weeks.
  • Boston College could not beat FSU at home. It might be awhile before the Eagles get near the top ten again.
  • Texas Tech gets no respect laying 80 on Sam Houston.
  • UCLA just might be a top ten.

Games I watched:

  • Oregon State-Louisville(all)
  • Michigan State-Notre Dame(all)
  • Alabama-S. Carolina(flipping on 2nd tv)
  • Oklahoma-UCLA(flipping on 2nd tv)
  • Fresno State-Oregon(all)
  • Tennessee-Florida(flipping on second tv)
  • Florida State-Boston College(flipping on second tv)
  • Arkansas-USC(2nd quarter)

Games of the Week:

  1. Michigan State 44 at Notre Dame 41 ot
  2. Miami 36 at Clemson 30 3 ot
  3. Fresno State 34 at Oregon 37

Heisman Race

  1. Matt Leinart, QB, Southern California
  2. Vince Young, QB, Texas
  3. Reggie Bush, RB, Southern California
  4. Sam Keller, QB, Arizona State
  5. Drew Stanton, QB, Michigan State
  6. Maurice Drew, RB, UCLA


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Ach mein Gott. Between the breasts in the ad and the Bama ranking at No. 9, I'm weak in the knees.


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