Friday, September 16, 2005

Turnover Fest on Independence Day and...... the Game Ends on a TO

UTEP and Houston are playing football the way you are not suppose to play it. 8 turnovers is less than a half of play. Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb has thrown 4 interceptions, and UTEP running back Tyler Ebell has fumbled twice. The score is just as ugly 9-5, Houston in front. Only 1:43 left to play in the first half, bet there is at least one more turnover before halftime.

Its Mexican Independence day, and El Paso is as close to Mexico as one is going to get in the US. Did ESPN plan this? Pop open another Corona, and hope for a better second half?

Kolb just threw his second td, 16-5 Houston ahead of UTEP, :28 left in the first half.

In what was an aweful first half, turned into one of the better second halfs of this young college football season.

Houston and UTEP went back and forth until regulation ended tied at 34. In the second overtime UTEP took a 44-41 lead, but Houston was on its way for the go ahead touchdown and the win until..........Kolb threw his fifth interception of the game.

Only on Mexican Indendence Day.........


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