Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blogpoll Roundtable X + 1

It has been a while since I have took part in a Blogpoll Roundtable. I always seem to forget. Fresno State is my team, these answers are in reference to the Bulldogs.

1. Name the five teams, other than yours, whose accomplishments you respect / envy the most.

1. Florida State- Bobby Bowden built the other FSU from the ground up.
2. Virginia Tech- The Hokies were a joke until Beamer showed up. He recruited the state of Virginia hard, and focused on special teams. The result, VT has become a national power. Fresno State most resembles VT in their style of play and philosophy.
3. Miami- A virtual unknown prior to the 1980's, the Canes have become the juggernaunt of all major programs.
4. BYU- The first small school from the West to earn national recognition, even getting a national title along the way.
5. Oregon- The Boys from Eugene really know how to market. They have parlayed a few good seasons, with flashy uniforms and big billboards and created a big green monster. Every kid in America recognizes the Ducks, even though they have know idea where Eugene is. It helps that Nike' boss, Phil Knight, is a fan and alum.

2. With regard to Question #1, what is the most damaging criticism of your program that you will admit is a legitimate criticism? That is, what negative trait does the most damage to the overall respect level of your program.

The Western Athletic Conference is a joke. Fresno State will never get national respect playing is such a week conference. What makes matters worse, for all the glory and fame Pat Hill has brought to Fresno State, he has only won one shared WAC title in 8 years. Unless, Fresno State gets into the Mountain West or beats at least 3 "legitimate" BCS teams every year, the Dogs will get no respect.

3. Who do you think is the best player in the history of your program?

Most would think or say David Carr or maybe Trent Dilfer. Lorenzo Neal was a dominant fullback and is one of the best in NFL history. But the best player in the program's history is Henry Ellard. The 1982 AP All-American set the NCAA record for receiving yards in a season, and was an excellent punt returner. He quietly ranks among the top ten in every major receiving category in the NFL, and will be a Hall of Famer soon.


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