Monday, October 24, 2005

Texas Unseat USC atop BCS

Texas' overwhelming advantage in the computers has pushed the Longhorns into the number one spot in the latest Bowl Championship Series Rankings.

I thought the BCS formula was changed after the 2003 season to give the polls more say in determining who plays in the BCS championship game. Virginia Tech is a distant third, so I doubt there will be any controversy if all three teams finish unbeaten. But.......

I would love to see what the BCS would say if by some weird chance Virginia Tech gained in the rankings and left USC on the outside looking in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

because of their much stronger schedule in the weeks ahead, USC will regain #1 if they win out. this was almost a non-event .

Anonymous Jim Online said...

The BCS will never be legitimate for me. With great respect to Texas, they have shown that they are a class of their own. Successive blowout wins also pushed their reputation. However, USC is still the best team for me. Think of the schedule and the tough conference that USC is into. No matter what the computer says, Leinhart, Bush, and Company are number one.


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