Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blogpoll 7 is Out

Fresno State almost cracked the poll for the first time this season, coming in at number 26. For the first time this season I won an award for my participation as a blogpoll voter.

The Coulter/Krugman Award was awarded to me for having the highest bias vote.

The CK Award goes to Fresno State blogger MDG, who has the unranked-at-large Bulldogs at #18. Personally, I left Fresno State off my ballot without really considering their body of work, which is worthy of consideration. They nuked a decent Toledo team and dropped a very close one to #20 Oregon. I think there's a case for the Bulldogs if they continue to win before their matchup with (gasp) USC. -MGOBLOG

Can not wait for November 19.


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