Monday, January 02, 2006

Conference USA Refs Suck! Iowa Robbed!

Just as Alabama was kicking the ugliest game winning field goal I have ever seen, CUSA officials robbed Iowa a chance at comeback win. With a 1:24 left and down 31-24, the Hawkeyes attempted a successful onside kick and recovered the ball inside Florida territory. However, the side judge threw a flag which usually is offsides, which it was. Wrong! After seeing the replay, there was no way in hell, Iowa's Chad Greenway was across the line as the ball was kicked.

It might have been close, but there was no reason for that ref to throw that flag with the game on the line. If instant replay is going to be used in college football. The NCAA should do the NFL one better and be able to overturn bad calls by officials. I hate when a ref directly determines the outcome of the game. Iowa got a second chance to attempt the onside kick, but successfully converting consecutive onside kicks is near impossible. The Hawkeyes may or may not have scored the tying touchdown, but we will never know. Florida recovered the second attempt and ran out the clock, Iowa had no timeouts and could not stop the clock. Hawkeye coaches, players and fans have a legitimate reason to be upset. They were robbed by inept CUSA officials at a chance to win the game.


Anonymous Kipp said...

Hey, this is a bit old, but I just stumbled onto your blog. I don't know if you saw this, but the entire game was one terrible call after another. There was an obvious play where a Gator pulled on a Hawk's face mask and Iowa was called for it. They got the wrong guy. There was a slew of other things including: a helmet-to-helmet penalty that had no chance of being true. Thank you for posting about this.

Blogger mdg said...

Yeah, I saw the whole thing, But the final call on the onside kick, really got to me. Crazy comebacks are a rarity in college football, and should not be affected by a referee's bad call. If I was a Hawk fan I would have been really pissed. Hell, I was really pissed and I didn't care who really won. The refs screwed Iowa out of having the greatest back-to-back comeback bowls wins in recent memory. I still can't get over Drew Tate's bomb that beat LSU in the Capital One Bowl last year.


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