Thursday, January 05, 2006

Super Young!

It was a pretty sloppy first half by both the Trojans and Longhorns. Note to Reggie Bush, don't pitch to the white guy. After trailing 16-10, USC would make its second half adjustments, as always, and come away with the win, right? Unlike, Oregon, Arizona State, Notre Dame, or Fresno State, Texas has Superman Vince Young. Is Reggie Bush, really the best player in college football?

On the biggest stage in college football history, Bush had a good game, but no where near the magnitude of Young's. USC had seemed to pull away in the fourth quarter after Bush's leap into the endzone and Dwayne Jarrett's stretch across the endzone put the Trojans ahead 38-26. In between Texas added a field goal, but were slowly fading away like every team that plays the Trojans. However, with under 9 minutes to go and Young under center, he showed the nation just how good he is.

USC coach Pete Carroll had a decent defensive plan, but still could not contain Young. In fact the blame could be put on the offense, not the defense, for the loss. The Trojan offense has been the ringl leader of their run for a third national title, the defense was nothing more than a side show all year. With a fourth and short near mid-field with under two minutes to play in the game, Carroll relied on his offense to pull out the win. But bruising back LenDale White, who had punished the Longhorn defense all night long, could not get the first down. Did Carroll have too much faith in his offense or no faith in his defense? Either way, USC did not make the plays all game long to win.

The Trojans had Texas on the ropes in the fourth. Down 38-26, the Longhorn sidelined looked distraught except for one person, Young. Young answered USC's challenge and cut the lead to 38-33. Matt Leinart, Bush, White, and Jarrett had the game in their hands after the ensuing kickoff. They had scored a touchdown on every drive in the second half and the Texas defense had fear in their eyes. But the magic that beat Notre Dame would stop in Pasadena.

After stopping White on fourth down, Young went to work. Like a renowned surgeon he slowly dissected the USC defense on the game winning drive. Facing a fourth and five with :24 to play, Young walked into the endzone like he has done all season. Up 39-38, and only :19 left in the game, Texas decided to go for two. This could have backfired. If Texas would have turned the ball over on the two-point try USC could have returned it for two points and lead. But there was no doubt who would have the ball in his hands. Behind his great offensive line, Young bullied his way into the endzone on the quarterback draw.

Leinart would have :16 to try answer Young's go ahead score after the kickoff return. With the ball at 30, his first pass was dumped off to Bush. He scampered into Texas territory and got out of bounds with 8 seconds to go in the game. Leinart failed to get USC near field goal range on the next play. He scrambled away from pressure only to throw the ball away as time expired.

The Rose Bowl is Vince Young's playground. His two most remarkable games have come on this field. If he comes back for his senior, you can pencil in the Longhorns for the Fiesta Bowl. The defense does lose a lot of key players, but Young proved last night he is Superman.


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