Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Aggies Screw Ducks

Just last week Utah State released its 2006 football schedule, but in less than a week have already made a change. The Aggies have dropped Oregon in favor of resuming their historical series with in-state rival BYU. The Ducks got screwed royally. Not only must UO find a last minute replacement, but were in the process of printing their official 2006 football schedule, with Utah State still set for September 23.

UO will more than likely have to fill the open spot with a DI-AA opponent. Their first choice would be a Big Sky school, but the Big Sky opens conference play on September 23, meaning all of those schools will be in action. UNLV has an open date September 23, and is entitled to a 13th, because of their trip to Hawaii, if they choose to play it. Otherwise, Oregon may be stuck playing Creampuff State, but at least it will not hurt their chance at becoming bowl eligible.


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