Thursday, September 08, 2005

Are You a Football Player Awaiting Trial? No Problem, Enroll at Boise State.

What the hell is Boise State coach Dan Hawkins thinking? Suspended safety Cam Hall is returning to the team for the September 21 game against Bowling Green. Hall is facing felony charges resulting from him fleeing the scene of an accident where three people died. Is Dan Hawkins that desperate to win? What about moral and character issues of players? Hall has not been convicted of anything, but at the same he has no business on a football team while awaiting trial.


Blogger I'm a Realist said...

What is Dan Hawkins thinking?

Our pass defense gave up five touchdowns to a quarterback making his first start ever. It was so bad, their second string tight end out-ran our entire secondary. This guy may only play a few more games before he is put away for good, so why not exploit him while we got him? It's a win-win situation, unless we lose.

Blogger mdg said...

Integrity? I had respect Dan Hawkins. Pat Hill would never let a player near the football field if he was charged with a felony...but I see your point if Boise State is that desperate...

Blogger collegefootballNW said...

Don't know what the hell you're talking about??? Start a blog!

"Three felony vehicular manslaughter charges against a Boise State football player have been dropped."

"Hall still faces a felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident, and prosecutors added a misdemeanor charge of reckless driving."

Way to go with tarnishing a team that already lost most of its credibility last week. I know you think you can read the headline to an article and assume you know the whole story, but you obviously do not. Cam Hall had 3 of his felony charges dropped because the drivers ACTUALLY IN THE ACCIDENT were obviously more to blame. The driver of the truck, Mark Lazinka was drunk and has been in trouble with the law for drinking and driving before. The loss of an entire family is obviously incredibly tragic, but the driver of the Perfect family's subaru, Tony Perfect, was above the legal limit for alcohol and had meth in his system as well.

Thanks for reading a headline and then following up with something completely made up. I appreciate the google Image search thrown in too.

The fact that you guys would try to change this into something regarding Boise State's pass defense against Georgia shows your absolute lack of class and any type of morals.

Blogger mdg said...

Hall left the seen of the crime. I know the driver of the Perfect family was high on Meth, but Hall still faces a felony. The charge can be reduced, or plea bargain will be made, but Hall has no business with the football team while he awaits his trial. CollegfootballNW are you a Boise State alum? I am a Fresno State alum, and have dealt with this issue when I was a student and as an alum. The Fresno State basketball program has had many issues with players like Mr. Halls, that is why the Bulldog BB program is in the mess it is now. Regardless, if the Perfect family is to blame for some or most of the accident, Hawkins allowing Hall to play is just utterly stupid on his part. It only makes himself and the university look bad.

Blogger busterrules said...

It takes somebody from Fresno State to state the obvious: this was a totally corrupt decision.

Shame on my BSU!


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