Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina, Blog Relief Day

I am writing this entry because Hurricane Katrina has effected the Gulf Coast of the United States like no other natural disaster in America's history. It has effected the sport I love, but more importantly people are dying due to lack of basic essentials we take for granted.

The aftermath of Katrina continues to wreak havoc on New Orleans. For those not in the know, Katrina's death toll is projected in the thousands. People have been stranded in the city of New Orleans since Sunday. Four days later, many are worried that no one knows that they are there.

It is not just the poor. Just minutes ago, a woman was on the phone with CNN, explaining her dire straits at the Ritz Carlton near the French Quarter. They are running out of water, have little or no food, the sewage is backing up, and armed guards are protecting the entrance to the hotel with shotguns. She and her husband were celebrating their anniversary in New Orleans. They, like many of the 300 stranded in the hotel had the means and will to leave New Orleans, but were not able once the storm hit.

If you have the means to help, I urge you to contribute to the American Red Cross. If you leave a donation please note it here, with reference to MDG CFB, so all contributions can be tracked.

For more information on its effect on college football, please visit the College Football Resource.

Fresno State to aid in relief effort.


Blogger Katrinaville said...

Katrinaville home to Hurricane Katrina refugees and survivors alike in the United States of America. The President of Katrinaville is none other than George Bush who in his wisdom has allowed the people to starve and has brought shame upon the worlds once greatest nation. He can take care of the people in Iraq. But when it comes to his own he is without a doubt clueless in his inability to bring to this nation a sense of peace. When he himself has only crusade in mind.

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