Thursday, October 06, 2005

2 for 11

Georgia Tech is playing awful in tonight's home game against North Carolina State. The Yellow Jackets are a mere 2 for 11 on third downs, and NC State is neutralizing Calvin Johnson. Tech does not look like a top 25 team, while the Wolfpack look like they have shaken off their early season troubles. An NC State win will put the Pack back in the ACC Atlantic division race, but a loss will end all hopes of a division crown.

This is what I waited for, a 10-0 NC State lead at the half. I have been bored with the overload of Mountain West Thursday night football in the month of September. I am not bagging on the MWC, but besides the Utah-TCU game the others have been forgettable. Tonight's game makes me beg for Colorado State-Air Force.

Reggie Ball is a dismal 6 for 25 in the first half, and either team can mount a ground game. Hopefully, things will pick up in the second half.


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