Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another Poll........Please.... the Masters Coaches Survey is Released Today

Please, the Harris Poll was enough. The MCS was created by Andy Curtin, an Atlanta based attorney and former sports agent. The voters are 16 former college coaches. Good idea? ESPN's Chris Fowler said it best on Gameday this past Saturday,"What is this, the Masters Poll sponsored by Cialis."

I have great respect for these former coaches, but are they watching and analyzing enough college football these days to make educated picks. Well, we will see. The first rankings were released today. Southern Cal was number one, Texas number two, then Virginia Tech, Florida, Florida State, real suprises in the top except Cal at number 10.

In fact the Pac Ten got the most love, four teams ranked in top 14. USC, Cal, Arizona State #12 and UCLA #14. Out of the 16 coaches only four were former Pac 10 coaches, John Robinson, Frank Kush, John Ralston, and Don James. John Cooper also coached at ASU before Ohio State, so I guess that will make five, and if you count Lavell Edwards, only six coaches have West coast ties.

They still ranked Louisville? Their votes are public, but their names are not revealed.


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