Monday, September 26, 2005

Blogpoll Top 25 and Recap of Week Four

  1. Southern Cal- (1)
  2. Virginia Tech- (2)
  3. Texas- (4)
  4. Florida- (5)
  5. Ohio State- (6)
  6. Michigan State- (10)
  7. Florida State- (7)
  8. Tennessee- (11)
  9. LSU- (3)
  10. Georgia- (8)
  11. Alabama- (9)
  12. Notre Dame- (12)
  13. Arizona State- (16)
  14. Miami (Florida)- (13)
  15. Minnesota- (nr)
  16. Purdue- (18)
  17. Boston College- (23)
  18. Cal- (22)
  19. Texas A&M- (21)
  20. Wisconsin- (nr)
  21. UCLA- (24)
  22. Georgia Tech- (15)
  23. Clemson- (21)
  24. Texas Tech- (25)
  25. Penn State- (nr)

out- Michigan(14),Louisville(17), North Carolina State(18)

just missed- Michigan, Iowa State, Vanderbilt

on the radar- Toledo, West Virginia, UTEP, South Florida, Washington State

last weeks ballot

last weeks Blogpoll


  • USC fell apart in the first half against the Ducks, but proved their strength by scoring 35 unanswered points in the second half.
  • Virginia Tech looks like they are going to run the table.
  • Texas can not overlook Missouri. With Tech looking so dominant, the 'Horns need to romp the Tigers.
  • Florida has a tough game at Alabama. The Bama defense will be a big test for the Gators. I am a big Bama believer, but a Gator win will solidify the Gators as the 4th best team in America.
  • Ohio State smacked Iowa, but the Hawkeyes are overrated.
  • Michigan State is quietly becoming the Big Ten favorite. Michigan comes to town this week.
  • If Fulmer starts Ainge over Clausen one more time this year, I'll drop the Vols five spots even in a bye. With Clausen at the helm, UT is a national title contender.
  • LSU should have lost in Tempe, and fell apart in the second half at home. With so many emotional distractions, the close loss is somewhat forgivable.
  • Georgia needs to step it up, Tennessee is just around the corner.
  • Notre Dame is playing great, a big win at Purdue could push them back into the top ten.
  • Arizona State is playing unreal. Beat USC, the Sun Devils are top five material.
  • Miami whipped Colorado, but the Buffs are a 6-5 team in my book.
  • Minnesota finally won the big game.
  • Purdue is not the juggernaunt many thought, but the Boilermakers are still good.
  • Boston College pulled the huge win at Clemson, that was not an easy road game.
  • Even with substantial injuries Cal is still rolling.
  • Texas A&M is still a potential top 5-10 team, but need to win some big games before I can move them up.
  • Wisconsin is 4-0 and has good wins over Bowling Green and Michigan. The Badgers have a outside shot at the Big Ten title, no Ohio State this year.
  • UCLA could fall apart at any point this season...Wait Bob Toledo is not the coach anymore. Dorrell is hanging on to his job for dear life, the Bruins must continue their great play. They can finish 9-2.
  • Injuries and lack of an offense are killing Michigan. Only ten points separate the Wolverines from a 4-0 start. Losing to a good ND and at Wisconsin should not be punished too much. If they beat State, back to the top 15. If they get waxed, Michigan might not make the rankings for the rest of the year.
  • Georgia Tech, no Ball, no luck. GT would have done better at VT with a healthy Ball.
  • Clemson can not playing these close games. The Tigers could equally be 4-0 or 0-4. 2-2 only cuts it because BC and Miami needed overtime to pull out the win.
  • Who really knows how good Texas Tech really is. I still think this team is a serious top 15 team, but the non-conference schedule is just too ridiculous to give Tech a lofty ranking without proving it yet.
  • Read down for some info on overrated Louisville.
  • NC State? Tough loss at North Carolina, out of the rankings for good, unless the Pack runs the table.
  • Penn State needs to beat Minnesota at home to improve their ranking in the top 25.
  • Iowa State's win over Iowa looks weaker and weaker, and almost losing at Army does not look impressive either.
  • Vanderbilt is playing real good. Wake Forest, Arkansas, and Ole Miss are not good teams, so Vandy may need to upset LSU to crack the poll.
  • Toledo has a make or break game at Fresno State today.
  • West Virginia is a quietly undefeated. Last year the Mountaineers had the hype and the lofty preseason ranking, but this year's could win the weak Big East. At Virginia Tech this week will prove how good WV is.
  • UTEP is the only other non-BCS that is unbeaten, besides Toledo. The Miners had big win at home against New Mexico, and play Memphis next.
  • South Florida just laid a butt-whippin on Louisville, but I was never really big on the Cards. Such a big disappointment.
  • Washington State has a right to be ranked #25, if I follow the Texas Tech logic.

Games I Watched:

Bowling Green-Boise State(all)

Air Force-Utah(1st half and 4th quarter)

Texas A&M-Texas State(on second TV)

Cal-NMSU(1st half)

Iowa State-Army(2nd quarter)

Purdue-Minnesota(1st quarter, 2nd half, 1st overtime)

Michigan State-Illinois(on 2nd tv)

Penn State-Northwestern(end of game)

Notre Dame-Washington(on but just background noise)

Florida-Kentucky(flipping during 2nd quarter)


Michigan-Wisconsin(on second tv)

Arizona State-Oregon State(2nd, 3rd, & part of 4th)

New Mexico-UTEP(1st half on recast)

Games of the Week:

  1. Tennessee 30 at LSU 27 ot
  2. Purdue 35 at Minnesota 42 2ot
  3. TCU 51 at BYU 50 ot

Heisman Race

  1. Matt Leinart, QB, Southern California
  2. Reggie Bush, RB, Southern California
  3. Drew Stanton, QB, Michigan State
  4. Laurence Maroney, RB, Minnesota
  5. Vince Young, QB, Texas
  6. Chris Leak, QB, Florida


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