Monday, October 10, 2005

Bowl Predictions

For the first time since the preseason, I will post my bowl predictions. They are a little crazy, considering I projecting the final regular season record and it is only October 10. I am predicting some conferences will not have enough bowl eligible teams to fill their slots. I am filling those slots with some scenarios that may seem outrageous, but I save seen crazier in years past. Without further question, the week seven bowl predictions.

The BCS Bowls

  • Rose Bowl- Southern Cal vs Virginia Tech
  • Fiesta Bowl- Texas vs UCLA
  • Sugar Bowl- Georgia vs West Virginia
  • Orange Bowl- Penn State vs Alabama

notes: I am projecting Texas to lose one game, while VT and SC go unbeaten, its a stretch, but its October. Since VT is #2 in the BCS, the Orange Bowl(ACC home Bowl) will have first at large choice, I am predicting projected Big Ten Champ Penn State(will sell tickets). Texas goes to home bowl Fiesta, and Georgia goes to home bowl Sugar, both as projected conference champions. Fiesta and Sugar will both submit bids for their #1 choice as its at large pick. Notre Dame will be very popular, but I am projecting UCLA and Alabama will have one loss seasons, while ND will have two losses. UCLA is a natural fit for the Fiesta, and Alabama vs Penn State is a renewal of a classic rivalry in the Orange. West Virginia is left over as the projected Big East champ, and will be slotted in the Sugar.

Major Bowls

  • Cotton Bowl- Texas Tech vs LSU
  • Capital One Bowl- Auburn vs Ohio State
  • Holiday Bowl- Oregon vs Colorado
  • Gator Bowl- Miami vs Notre Dame
  • Outback Bowl- Iowa vs Florida
  • Peach Bowl- Tennessee vs Florida State

notes: Notre Dame is considered a Big East selection.

Middle of the Road Bowls

  • Alamo Bowl- Wisconsin vs Texas A&M
  • Sun Bowl- California vs Michigan State
  • Liberty Bowl- UTEP vs Iowa State
  • Insight Bowl- Arizona State vs Louisville
  • Champs Sports Bowl- Boston College vs Kansas State
  • Meineke Car Care Bowl- Rutgers vs NC State
  • Music City Bowl- Vanderbilt vs Minnesota
  • Independence Bowl- Nebraska vs Georgia Tech

notes: The Big 12 and ACC will have excessive teams while the SEC will be short. Iowa State will fill the at-large slot in the Liberty. Georgia Tech will fill the SEC spot in the Independence.

Minor Bowls

  • Houston Bowl- Oklahoma vs Houston
  • Las Vegas Bowl- TCU vs Fresno State
  • Emerald Bowl- BYU vs Oregon State
  • MPC Comp. Bowl- Boise State vs Maryland
  • Motor City Bowl- Toledo vs Michigan
  • GMAC Bowl- UAB vs Bowling Green/Louisiana Tech
  • Fort Worth Bowl- Baylor vs Tulsa
  • Hawaii Bowl- S. Miss vs Louisiana Tech/Bowling Green
  • Poinsettia Bowl- Utah vs Navy
  • New Orleans- Troy vs Central Florida

notes: I project CUSA to have excessive bowl teams, and I project Houston will go outside the CUSA tie-ins and sign a deal with the hometown Houston Bowl. The LVBowl projection is a stretch, the Pac 10 sends its 5th place team there, but I project the WAC will strike some sort of a deal with the Pac 10, with some dough involved. The Pac 10 will then send Oregon State to its 6th tie-in in San Francisco, therefore freeing up the Las Vegas for a mega TCU-Fresno State matchup of projected top 25 teams. The GMAC Bowl has a clause to select a WAC team over a MAC team, but the WAC must take a MAC team in return in either the MPC or Hawaii Bowl. Navy's drawing power is a no-brainer for San Diego's Poinsettia Bowl's at large spot.

other teams I project to be bowl eligible: Kansas, Colorado State, New Mexico, Wyoming, UConn, Miami (Ohio), Northern Illinois, Akron


Blogger Kyle King said...

Just F.Y.I., I borrowed from your postseason projections for a weekly segment on my weblog called "Advance Bowl Bashing."

It can be found at Kyle on Football if you're interested, but I thought I should give credit where credit is due.

Blogger Jason Prothero said...

Kinda wishful thinking, eh? I seriously doubt the Pac-10 will give up one of it's bowls to send one of it's teams to a lesser bowl. I'm mean how pissed would Oregon State be if the Pac-10 sold them out like that?

Blogger mdg said...

Emerald Bowl pays out just as much as Vegas, and the opponent is just the same as Vegas, the MWC. It is really a latteral move on the Pac 10's part. It's San Francisco, its not like Oregon State is going to be sent to Boise or the worst bowl of them all, the now defunct Silicon Valley Classic. Wishful thinking, it's only October. Cbssportline had Fresno State playing Tulsa in Hawaii in their predictions last week. Tulsa? At least I have Oregon State playing respectable BYU.


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