Thursday, October 27, 2005

Screw You Trojans, Let the Band Play

When the Fresno State Athletic Department signed the contract to play USC back in February, specific details about the Bulldog Marching Band were not included.

There is recent news that the University of Southern California Athletic Department is not going to allow the Fresno State's Marching Band to play during halftime or at the game at all.

As its stands now, only 60 members of the 250 plus Bulldog Marching Band will be allowed to dress and enter the stadium with their instruments. The rest of the band will be in attendance, but will not be allowed to dress or enter the stadium with their instruments. There is also the possibility those that who are playing will be separated from those who are not.

At this time there is nothing the University or Marching Band can do officially. There has been no official story released about this matter. This information was obtained from a thread on the Barkboard, posted by a member of the Fresno State Band Council.

If this is true, what is up with USC Athletic Department? Come on Trojan faithful fill me in on the details. What is USC trying to prove?

Does the Athletic Department feel the entire Bulldog Marching Band will out perform the Trojan Marching Band? Fresno State's band is improving, but as far as I know USC's marching band is the only one in the US that has earned a platinum record.

I believe this will be the first time USC will not allow the opposing team's band to perform at halftime. I can understand that, but why not allow the band in the stadium?

There will be over 20,000 Fresno State fans in attendance at the 92,000 seat Coliseum. Would the Bulldog Marching Band have made that much of a difference?

Unless USC has some sort of legitimate reason for not allowing Fresno State's Marching Band to perform, the whole thing is just bull shit.


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