Sunday, November 06, 2005

Week 11 Blogpoll Top 25

  1. Southern Cal (1)
  2. Texas (3)
  3. Miami (Florida) (9)
  4. Alabama (4)
  5. Penn State (8)
  6. Notre Dame (6)
  7. Ohio State (7)
  8. Louisiana State (5)
  9. Georgia (10)
  10. Virginia Tech (2)
  11. Oregon (13)
  12. Auburn (15)
  13. West Virginia (19)
  14. Florida (15)
  15. Fresno State (18)
  16. Michigan (16)
  17. Colorado (21)
  18. Florida State (11)
  19. Texas Tech (23)
  20. UCLA (12)
  21. Wisconsin (17)
  22. Northwestern (22)
  23. TCU (24)
  24. Louisville (nr)
  25. Georgia Tech(25)

out-Boston College(20)

just missed- South Carolina, Boise State, Minnesota

on the radar- UTEP, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Iowa State

last weeks top 25 ballot

last weeks Blogpoll

Games I watched: UAB-Memphis(1st half), Louisville-Pitt(3/4), Toledo-Ohio(4th quarter), Northwestern-Iowa(3/4), Tennessee-Notre Dame(1/2), Fresno State-San Jose State(all), USC-Stanford(2nd half) small parts of: WV-UConn, Minn-Ind, Cal-Ore, VT-Miami


  • As if USC's offense could not play any better.
  • Texas is setting up the other end of one most anticipated national championship games ever.
  • Miami is a missed field goal from being the odd man out. The Hurricanes surprised the hell out me, and made Marcus Vick look average, 34% completion percentage, ouch!
  • Alabama needs more offense, LSU, at Auburn( and the SEC championship are) very tough games. Alabama will lose at least one.
  • Penn State is playing unbelievable, and I predicted they would finish 9-2 and tie for the Big Ten title.
  • Notre Dame is on its way to the BCS, more than likely the Fiesta Bowl.
  • Ohio State can still tie for the Big Ten and have an outside shot at a BCS at large berth.
  • LSU is slowing looking very overrated. The big wins against Florida and Auburn were at home and close games. Winning at Arizona State is big but since the injury to quarterback Sam Keller, the Sun Devils victory is not looked at the same. A win at Alabama is necessary if the Tigers want a BCS bid.
  • Georgia has a huge game vs Auburn. The South's Oldest Rivalry has been favorable to the road team.
  • Oregon is quietly approaching a 10-1 season even with the loss of starting quarterback Kellen Clemons.
  • West Virginia can bring some respect to the BCS by finishing 10-1 and winning its BCS bowl game.
  • Florida struggled against Vandy, the game at South Carolina will be a grudge match.
  • Fresno State has a huge game with Boise State on Thursday night's ESPN prime time game for the WAC title, and a win will set up a big game at USC.
  • Florida State is headed for likely rematch with Miami in Jacksonville.
  • Texas Tech will not get any respect if they finish 10-1 and will have no shot at BCS game.
  • UCLA finally was exposed at Arizona and may lose out with Arizona State and USC left on the schedule. If so expect Dorrell to be shown the door as well, if the Bruins lose another bowl game. Then a once promising 8-0 start could end in a 8-4 unranked finish.
  • At TCU-Fresno State/Boise State winner bowl game would be great no matter where it can be set up.
  • Louisville shot itself in the foot with the loss at South Florida, and might be shut out of the Big East Bowl picture if they somehow lose to Rutgers.
  • Georgia Tech gets the nod just over South Carolina, I guess I can't punish a 2 loss team and move up a 3 loss team.
  • South Carolina is on a roll. The Ol'Ball Coach will make the folks in Columbia even happier if the Gamecocks close out the season with wins over Florida and rival Clemson.


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