Sunday, November 27, 2005

Week 14 Blogpoll Top 25 Ballot

  1. Southern Cal (1)
  2. Texas (2)
  3. Penn State (3)
  4. Louisiana State (4)
  5. Ohio State (5)
  6. Auburn (6)
  7. Virginia Tech (8)
  8. Oregon (10)
  9. Miami (7)
  10. Georgia (12)
  11. West Virginia (13)
  12. Notre Dame (9)
  13. Alabama (14)
  14. UCLA (15)
  15. Florida (18)
  16. Georgia Tech (16)
  17. Michigan (17)
  18. Fresno State (11)
  19. TCU (19)
  20. Louisville (20)
  21. Clemson (21)
  22. Wisconsin (24)
  23. Boston College (nr)
  24. Texas Tech (nr)
  25. Northwestern (nr)

out- Iowa State(22), Colorado(23), Florida State(25)

just missed- Iowa, Central Florida, South Carolina, Boise State

on the radar- Nebraska, Nevada

last weeks top 25 ballot

last weeks blogpoll

Games I watched: Texas-Texas A&M(3/4), Hawaii-Wisconsin(half), Maryland-NC State(half), Fresno State-Nevada(all) small parts of:N. Ill.-W. Mich, WV-Pitt, Colo-Neb, Ari-ASU, VT- NC


  • Fresno State has lost all national respect, again, for the third time in five years. Every time they get some national respect; it is all lost in conference play.
  • After pondering for some time, I concluded TCU's bad loss at SMU and Louisville's embarrassment at South Florida are far worse than Fresno State's 4 point loss at Nevada. SMU is getting better, but are no where as good as Nevada. South Florida is a decent team but Louisville had no business getting beat by 31 points. Based on those factors Fresno State deserves to be ranked. They played one bad game at an 8-3 Nevada team that is co-WAC champs. Considering the game came after back-to-back games against Boise State and USC, it can be forgiven but not forgotten.
  • Notre Dame has been looking pretty lackluster; do they really deserve a BCS bid?


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