Monday, November 28, 2005

BCS Predictions

Rose Bowl- Southern Cal 12-0 vs Texas 12-0

Fiesta Bowl- Notre Dame 9-2 vs Ohio State 9-2

Sugar Bowl- Georgia 10-2 vs West Virginia 10-1

Orange Bowl- Virginia Tech 11-1 vs Penn State 10-1

notes: It is pretty simple from this point on. West Virginia is in the Sugar Bowl as the Big East champ. LSU/Georgia winner is in the Sugar and Va Tech/FSU winner is in the Orange. USC and Texas are virtual locks for the Rose. Only the Fiesta can change things around. If the Fiesta chooses Penn State over Notre Dame, then flip flop ND and PSU and substitute Oregon for Ohio State. But, do not rule out a possible Ohio State-Penn State rematch in Tempe.


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