Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Preseason BlogPoll Top 25

I have made some changes since my pre-preseason top 40 in July. USC is the obvious number one, but 2-9 are practically interchangeable, as case can be made for each of them to be ranked number two. Texas A&M is my surprise pick, I wanted to put them at number six, but I do not think they are quite that good this early in the season. Since 2000 three national champs had a five loss season prior, and Auburn could have been four if given the chance. Alabama and Penn State might seem pretty high, but they both have excellent defenses. No one in the country will want to play these two early. As the season wears on the nation will know if these two respective team's offense will warrant a higher ranking. Purdue maybe a little low to some, but the Boilermakers have to prove to can win the close games. Louisville, as well, has to prove they are the Beast of East. This year the Cards are the hunted. California should move into the top 15 by week six, but for now they are number 21. Michigan State is given the nod over the good non-BCS teams, barely.

Notable teams missing that you may see in other top 25: Boise State, Arizona State, Pittsburgh, Bowling Green, Virginia, and Fresno State. Boise State and Fresno State, along with Bowling Green, are the cream of the non-BCS, but are borderline top 25 for various reasons. Bowling Green should break in after a win at Wisconsin to start the season. Pitt easily could have been undefeated last year, but were embarrassed by Utah in the Fiesta Bowl. Wins over Notre Dame and Nebraska will solidify their top 25 status. Arizona State is overrated, but can prove themselves with a strong showing against LSU. Virginia is talented, but were more talented last year and only finished 8-4. Without further ado, the preseason BlogPoll Top 25, any comments are welcome, as no one is an expert.

1. Southern Cal- There is no one better.
2. Tennessee- Fulmer needs to keep everyone straight.
3. Virginia Tech- Vick needs to be special.
4. LSU- Outside of a QB, is there a weakness?
5. Michigan- Defense? Should be answered.
6. Miami- Kyle Wright should be an improvement.
7. Ohio State- Ginn and Co.
8. Oklahoma- Just reloading.
9. Texas- Cedric will be missed.
10. Iowa- DL needs help.
11. Texas A&M- Oklahoma went 7-5 in '99.
12. Georgia- D.J. Shockley for Heisman?
13. Florida State- Get to know Xavier Lee.
14. Alabama- Defense and senior QB Croyle.
15. Florida- Talent + new offense= ?
16. Auburn- Could win SEC West.
17. Purdue- Can they win the close one?
18. Texas Tech- Leach is a genius.
19. Penn State- Joe Pa's back.
20. Boston College- Would have won Big East this year.
21. Cal- Tedford the magnificent.
22. Georgia Tech- Ball needs to cut down on his mistakes.
23. N.C. State- Best DL in the nation.
24. Louisville- 11-0 might not be enough.
25. Michigan State- Stanton best QB in the Big 10?


Blogger R. D. Baker said...

Just please, *please* remember to put it in the system. You're representing the entire WAC at the moment and your voice needs to be heard.

The instructions for the ballot are here:

The actual ballot is here:

- R.D (Cheap Seats/Double T Ranch)


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