Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ducks Getting Respect.....

All day from Corso and Herbstreit to Duck alum Dan Fouts, Oregon is getting a lot of respect. Granted no one is predicting a Duck win, but my alma mater did not play their best game and it took everything Oregon had to pull out the three point win last week over the 'Dogs.

First homer call by the refs. Muffed punt return USC recovered, ball at the USC 40. The Ducks need these calls if they have a chance.

Corso put it best, " Oregon has two chances at a win, slim and none."

The way USC defense is handling Oregon right now, it is none. Oregon managed only a field goal after the USC fumble, the Ducks have to do better than that. USC does not give many gifts away, and that was one of them.

USC ball at the Oregon 36, the start of the Trojan domination. Jarrett across the 50 to the Oregon 49. Lendale White 26 yard run to the Duck 23. Leinart hurried and misses second attempt. False start by USC, 2nd 15 at the 28.

Play action screen to refs say incomplete...but it was caught and fumbled. No matter third down and 15. Back to Bush first down on 18 yard pass play.

First and goal at the ten. Bush tackled for a loss of two. Second and goal.

Another big USC mistake, ball thrown behind Jarrett, went through his hands and intercepted by Aaron Gipson, his fourth straight game with a pick.

USC needs to cut down on the TO's if they want to break 50 points.


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