Sunday, September 25, 2005

What a Joke..Illinois #38, Arizona #40......and Idaho #44? Its True according to the Harris Voters

This is the most ridiculous poll ever created. The inaugural Harris Poll has Southern California #1, Texas #2, Virginia Tech #3, and etc....the top 22 looks on par with the rest of the polls(AP and USA Today).


I thought the whole purpose of the late September 25 start was to get an idea of how good teams are after a few games. I guess the Harris voters don't have ESPNU. Otherwise, they would have seen an overrated
Louisville team get pasted by South Florida, 45-14. Maybe, the voters took an early evening nap, when Michigan's offense took a nap in their second loss of the season, at Wisconsin.

Who in the hell is voting for Illinois, Arizona, and Idaho? Some of the voters must have seen the Michigan State-Illinois game, the Spartans are given their due and are ranked 10th, but maybe the voters forgot to check the
boxscore. Arizona has come close to beating Utah and Purdue, but their only win was over Northern Arizona. I don't get me started on Idaho.

The Vandals are playing better this year compared to last, but the Vandals do not even deserve to be ranked in the top 25 of I-AA. They hung with Washington State, and almost beat MWC doormat UNLV, but have been waxed by a combine 58-6 in their last two games at Washington(34-6), and at home to Hawaii(24-0). How do you get shut out at the Kibbie Dome against Hawaii?

Who ever voted for Idaho, should have his dick removed. I said it, I hate to be vulgar. I try to be professional on this site, but it just fucking irks me, that there are dumbshits out there with some kind of college football background that are allowed to make fools out of themselves.

Folks, this poll is not just for fun, it is has equal part as the USA Today Coaches Poll in determining the BCS championship game.

Back to my point, he should have his dick removed and put in his mouth because I do not want to hear his fucking logic for ranking the Potato Duds.

Idaho, getting five votes, what a motherfuckin' joke. Hope who ever voted for the Vandals, get a chance to read this post. You can rag on
my rankings (NC State was #18, not for long)all you want, but I do not think I could ever be so fucking stupid or a motherfreak'n insane WAC homer to rank the Vandals in any top 25, except the bottom 25.

With all this shit I'm talk'n, I bet the football gawds punish me, and Fresno State gets upset by Idaho at the wonderful Kibbie Dome on October 22. Who fucking cares? Idaho sucks.

For a poll refresher, please, check out the
Blogpoll. It was created by a smart Michigan fan Brian, and is posted every Wednesday on his MGOBLOG. The voters are college football fans, like myself who love the game.

We follow one or few respective schools, usually our alma matters(go Dogs), but try to watch plenty of college football, and listen to are fellow pollster's comments and analysis on their "home" team or teams they followed for the weekend.

For those who have nothing better to do or who are just curious here is a link to all other
Harris Interactive college football garbage, otherwise, keep reading MDG CFB. Hey, I am no expert, but I will never have to justify ranking Idaho.


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