Thursday, November 10, 2005

Boise State at Fresno State

Even David Carr couldn't beat Boise.

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The biggest game of the Western Athletic Conference season is tonight on ESPN HD at 8pm ET. It will not be your average Thursday night ESPN fanfare, expect a great game between two teams that respect each other, but have no love lost between them.

The biggest game on Thursday night this season thus far was Boston College at Virginia Tech. The best game was probably the Utah-TCU overtime game or the N.C. State-Georgia Tech game.

Fresno State-Boise State should surpass them all. The Broncos have had the Bulldogs' number for four straight years and have claimed three straight outright WAC titles in the process.

Will this be the year head coach Pat Hill and Fresno State beats Boise State? Hey, Florida State finally beat Miami and Mack Brown and Texas were finally able to get by Oklahoma. It seems the stars are aligned right for a Bulldog win. For more analysis, stories, series history and my prediction, please check out the Fresno State Football Blog.


Blogger NFL Adam said...

I love this rivalry. I am a CS Fullerton grad so I am familiar with both programs. This should be a good one. Much more interesting, to me, than SC and Cal.

Blogger mdg said...

Love from the other CSUF...I always thought Gene Murphy was going to be Fresno State's new coach when Sweeney ever left.....


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