Sunday, November 13, 2005

BCS Predictions

The bowl picture is a mess, from the BCS Bowls down to the New Orleans Bowl. It is very possible 10-1 teams Oregon and Virginia Tech could be shut out of the BCS at-large spots, yet 9-2 Notre Dame and/or 9-2 Ohio State be included as at large teams. Just do not get me started on the South Florida Bulls. I like the little guy just as much as the next guy, but no way does an 8-3 USF team belong in the BCS just because they won the Big East.

The Big East title could come down to a West Virginia at USF game on December 3 in Tampa, thanks to Hurricane Wilma. Both school must win out in order for that to happen, my guess the tropical climate Bulls will stumble in cold Storrs, Connecticut against the Huskies on November 26.

I am not going to do the all the bowl predictions this week because they are just not making sense when you get towards the bottom. But here is my prediction for the BCS:

Rose Bowl- Southern Cal vs Texas

Fiesta Bowl- Notre Dame vs Virginia Tech

Sugar Bowl- Georgia vs West Virginia

Orange Bowl- Miami vs Penn State

notes: The Fiesta will have first at-large selection and that will be Notre Dame, but I would not be surprised to see Oregon selected. Georgia as the projected SEC champ goes to the Sugar and Miami to the Orange as the projected ACC champ. The BCS tries to set the best matches possible and try to accommodate each bowl's request for at-large choice. I project Penn State in the Orange giving that bowl the second most intriguing matchup of the BCS.

Since the Sugar invited Virginia Tech last year and I do not see the benefit of a Georgia-LSU rematch or having Oregon come cross country. West Virginia will more than likely be on the top of their list if Penn State is in Miami and Ohio State is not in the top 12.

This leaves the Fiesta with the last choice and it being a true at-large selection. The Fiesta will be able to choose any team ranked in the BCS top 12. Virginia Tech should be the highest ranked team, but Oregon would bring a lot of fans as would LSU, Ohio State, Alabama, or Auburn from the SEC.

If Ohio State can win at Michigan, it is a no brainer, the Buckeyes will be here or in the Sugar Bowl. If Oregon had Kellen Clemons I think Oregon would get the invite to the Fiesta opposite the Irish, but without their star quarterback the Ducks are just not the same team. That leaves Virginia Tech, LSU and the Auburn/Alabama winner. If Alabama is 10-1, it is the Tide in Tempe, otherwise, I can not see the Fiesta skipping over a 10-1 Virginia Tech team.


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